Valentine's Day Specials from Prima Donna

  Prima Donna Pastries Presents:

Valentine's Day Crowdfunding

Chocolate Strawberries: Gift Packages starting at $30

We hand dip each strawberry with your choice of white or milk chocolate and topped with candy/cookie pieces.

Order Our Strawberry Combo with Dipped Oreos

Chocolate Covered Oreos Dipped in white or milk chocolate served with gourmet popcorn hand made chocolate candy.

Let us create a custom dessert that will wow your special friends.

CAKE POPS: $15 gift Vase or Box

Includes cake pops and assorted handmade candy.

Flavors: Double Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry Crunch, French Vanilla, Cookies N Cream, Red Velvet.

Hot Cocoa Bombs & Chocolates:
Flavors: Oreo, Strawberry, Double Chocolate, French Vanilla. Custom flavors available upon request. 

Gift Boxes starting at $10

STUFFED CAKES and Smash Cakes: $40

Smash Cakes can be customized with your favorite dessert or candies.
Candy Filled Cakes: $40


Popular flavor: Strawberry Chocolate Moouse 

6 for $15

Popular Cupcakes: Strawberry Oreo, Cookie Monster, Cookies N Cream

4 for $5

 Optional flavors: Original,  Cookies N Cream, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Banana and Peach.


Optional Treats:
Handmade Candy
Specialty Cookies
Dipped Finger Snacks
Gourmet Popcorn
Cake Pops

Cocoa Bomb Shot Glasses: 3 for $15

Stuffed Cones: $15 minis

Full Cones available $5 Each

Fill with your choice of cake and pudding or cheesecake. Kool-aid Pie Cones also available. 

Contact us for direct quotes. Click Here

Gift Boxes and Specialty Products also available.

 Letters filled with candies. Optional fruity or chocolate. Starting at $30.
Candy Kabobs Starting at $30.

Deliver your dessert in our adorable custom boxes:

Mix and match your favorite treat for the perfect gift box 🎁.
Contact us of Facebook Click Here to place your order. Accepting payments through PayPal